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What is geography?

Vera Melnikova
Vera Melnikova
January 25, 2015
What is geography?

A fascinating and very interesting activity is to find out the meanings of words, all the more ambiguous and foreign-language. For example, what is geography? What does this familiar word mean at school? We will try to understand this.

Meaning of the word "geography"

  • Geography is a science. To understand what she is studying, we turn to the etymology of the word. From the Greek language, “geo” is the earth, “graphics” is the letter, that is, it is a land description. Geography studies and describes the spread of anything on the earth's surface, namely: natural conditions, climate, various mineral resources, terrain features, world population, economic, geopolitical development of various countries and continents. Thus, the subject of studying geography as a science is very wide. Geography is economic, physical, mathematical. For example: "Geography shows how diverse and beautiful our planet Earth is."
  • Geography is a school subject,where students get basic, general knowledge of this science, study the geographical position of Russia and other countries, see how diverse our planet is. For example: "In geography lessons, a teacher would tell interestingly about the continents of the Earth, their location, showing it on a geographical map."
  • Geography is the spread of something.

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