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What is he, a man-virgin?

Men born under the sign of Virgo, as a rule, are characterized by calm character, thoughtfulness, high intelligence and reliability. They always know what they want and often achieve their goals. Frequently, male Virgos are successful in business, but in a personal field, luck does not always accompany them.

Male virgins have a subtle sense of humor and can make even a man who has tears in his eyes smile. That is why friends love them. In the company of men born under this sign, are often at the forefront.

Continuing the conversation about what he, man-Virgo, is worth noting some of the negative features of this sign. In particular, Virgos are nervous and picky. Often they manifest selfishness.

What women like male virgins

As for what women like Virgos, men of this sign do not tolerate stupidity. Therefore, if you fall in love with such a representative of the strong half, develop your intellect. Otherwise, very soon you will become uninteresting to him. Virgos do not tolerate irresponsibility, vulgarity, dirt,ignorance, lack of coherence, love punctuality. Men born under this sign value sincerity and do not tolerate lies. Dev is also characterized by moderation in everything: from spending money to manifesting feelings. Speaking about which women like male Virgos, it should be noted that they are looking for girls who look like themselves - unpretentious in everyday life and moderately disciplined.

Love and relationship

Representatives of the strong half of humanity, who were born under the sign of Virgo, are very picky in choosing the second half. They take a long look and hardly decide to talk about feelings. In love, Virgo is loved, no matter how strange it sounds, quality and consistency. A representative of this sign can not lie. Male Virgos value honesty, integrity and honesty. That is why they do not go "to the left." Thus, if you were able to conquer the Virgin, the reasons for jealousy will appear extremely rarely. Men of this sign - the owners, but at the same time, they are not very jealous. Of course, if a woman does not give a reason.


Speaking about which sign is suitable for a man-Virgo, it is necessary to note their almost perfect compatibility with representatives of Water.The best option in this context may be Pisces. Virgos are also suitable for Virgo and, to a lesser extent, Scorpios. Relations with Aries and Lions are not always doomed to success. With representatives of the Air Force (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius), the prospects are absolutely not bright.

Male Virgins: what are they married

When Virgo, after a long search, yet decided on the second half, you can be sure that she will not back down. A man born under this sign takes marriage seriously and responsibly. He believes in old-fashioned family values ​​and honors moral principles. A man-Virgo is unlikely to become a henpecked man, but it will be a great pleasure to help your soul mate in everything. The main thing for the spouse - not impudent. Man-Virgo without any problems will help in the kitchen and in raising children, but only if he sees that his half is not less given to these processes.

Now you know the details about what kind of woman Virgo needs, and what are the features of this zodiac sign.


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