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What is he: Scorpio?

Lilya Mayak
Lilya Mayak
January 28, 2015
What is he: Scorpio?

Have you ever listened to your interlocutor with an open mouth, even if all his statements contradicted your beliefs? At the same time, as a magnet, you were drawn to such a person and almost magical power emanated from him? So you kind of know what he is - Scorpio. We will tell more about the representatives of this mysterious sign.

Scorpio man

This is the undisputed leader and rebel. Wherever he is, there will be many listeners around, some of whom will tremble in front of the strength of his personality, and the other will quietly hate him for such success. In any case, he will not remain in the shadows: the personality is too bright to remain unnoticed.

That is why Scorpio men often have many enemies among their gender. And not only so ... Read also our article What is it, a man-Scorpio.

Such personalities, respectively, have great success with women. Beautiful sex pulls them like butterflies into the light. Such a comparison is not without reason: in most cases, they are strongly burned.How quickly a passion flashes in men of this sign, so dramatically it fades away. And he immediately goes to the next “victim”, burning all the bridges. Read the article on the subject of what Scorpios love.

Scorpios are dangerous individuals seeking new sensations in everything. Equally easily, they are looking for change, both in the field of activity and in personal relationships. If you decide to link the fate of a Scorpio man, think a hundred times and then rush into the pool with your head. There is only a small chance that you will be the lucky one with whom he will give a heart. However, in this case, your tests will be rewarded to you in the form of true male love. By the way, you can be useful articles Scorpio Man. How to behave and How to fall in love with Scorpio.

Scorpio Woman

Female power representatives often refer to this particular sign. They are pretty selfish and almost always know exactly what they want. Such a life attitude helps them to achieve all the goals on the way, but they rarely get tired of such a struggle. Scorpio women are accustomed to take from destiny what they are entitled to, and even what is intended for others.

At the same time, their practical advantages can be considered practicality and self-confidence.Sometimes, representatives of the sign tend to be obsessive about their own appearance and figure. They love and know how to look luxurious in any situation.

Rarely women of the mark are open or sincere in public. To do this, they are too careful. Like men, Scorpio women are innovative and love opposition to generally accepted rules and regulations. This once again proves their inner strength and endurance of character.


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