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What is the length of service?

As it is known, in order to receive all guarantees and compensations provided for by the government of the Russian Federation, a certain length of service is required. Work experience - the time of labor or social activity, which is calculated in the prescribed manner.

The concept of "work experience"

Each of us has encountered in his life the concept of work experience, but I think that not everyone understands what it is.

Work experience - the duration of work or social activity calculated in the manner prescribed by law. According to the Labor Code of the Russian Federation (labor code of Russia), seniority is required to obtain guarantees and compensations provided for attaining the required seniority. Also, according to the law, periods in which, for one reason or another, a citizen of the Russian Federation did not carry out labor activities can be included in the work experience, but these periods are recognized by the state to be respectful and included in the total work experience.

Types of work experience:

  • �The total length of service includes all useful work activities from the moment you reach working age.This type of length of service will be legally important, since it is for him that the purpose of the old-age pension, disability pension, loss of the bread-winner and other articles attributed to social security of a citizen of the Russian Federation by the state will be determined.
  • ��Continuous experience does not affect the fact of how much your pension will be. This type of length of service will be important only if additional cash payments are received: an increase in benefits, a salary or pension supplement, lump-sum remuneration, benefits for the state. soc. insurance, housing subsidy and more.
  • ��Special experience the amount of working time in a particular industry, profession, position, location.
  • ��The insurance period includes the periods during which the citizen paid insurance contributions to the Pension Fund. This type of seniority is a condition for granting an old-age pension.

It is also worthwhile to dwell in more detail on what is included in the work experience, besides the self-employed work activity?

The following periods are included in the work experience:

  • ��Army, service in the Department of Internal Affairs, service in the bodies and institutions of the criminal correctional system;
  • ��Receiving social benefits for temporary disability (decree);
  • ��Caring for a child up to 1.5 years;
  • ��Registration of unemployment;
  • ��Redirection of state employee for employment in another locality;
  • ��Participation in public works;
  • ��Link or stay in prison or colony;
  • ��Repression with further rehabilitation;
  • ��Care for the disabled;
  • ��Achievement of a citizen of 80 years.

All these periods will be included in the length of service if immediately after him or before there was a labor activity lasting at least one working day during which the contributions to the PFR took place.

Now you know what is included in the work experience, and you can calculate it. Also note that the program for the calculation of work experience should be in every personnel department or accounting department at the enterprise where you work. If you are wondering how many years your work experience is at the moment, contact them for help in the calculation.


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