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What is innovation?

Olga Reznik
Olga Reznik
August 16, 2012
What is innovation?

The word "innovation" is derived from the Latin "innovatio", which means "change" or update. "For the first time the word" innovation "was used in nineteenth-century scientific research. The second breath received the word a century later in the writings of the Austrian economist J. Schumpeter.

Today we often hear about innovation. But what is innovation? Let us say at once that innovation means both the innovation itself, the innovation, and the process, that is, measures aimed at introducing, say, something new into the economy. For example, new technology, or new technologies, or inventions that contribute to improving production efficiency. That is, innovation means, in this way, the process of production modernization. No wonder the prefix "in" in the word "innovation" means nothing more than the direction, in this particular case, the direction of change.

But even if innovation means any innovation or innovation, it must necessarily be the final product of human mental activity, his imagination, creativity,inspiration, scientific research, research, inventions, rationalization proposals.

Not every innovation is an innovation. Reasonable question: what is innovation? It turns out that the only innovation that increases the efficiency of the current system. If innovation is called a creative idea, then this is only the idea that has already been implemented.


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