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What is interesting in China?

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What is interesting in China?

Previously, China was a country closed to tourists, but today everyone has a chance to get acquainted with Chinese civilization, which took shape for more than one millennium and impresses not only with its architectural, but also cultural heritage. So, what to see in China, if you decide to visit the capital of this state - Beijing?

The main attractions of Beijing

  1. You should definitely look at the Great Wall of China, built for defense purposes. It impresses with its impressive size and grandeur.
  2. Visit the Temple of the Harvest or as it is often called by the locals the Temple of Heaven. This temple-monastery complex, made in a round shape.
  3. If you think what to see in Beijing, then take a bit of your time for an excursion to the Beijing Opera. It is worth noting that its name is somewhat deceptive, because here you can listen not only to vocal concerts, but also to look at interesting dances, acrobatics and even pantomime.Undoubtedly, you will like unusual costumes and acrobatic stunts of actors of this absolutely incredible theater with amazing plasticity.China Shanghai Attractions
  4. What is interesting in China, you can still see? In fact, it is extremely difficult to answer this question, since there are many interesting things in China. Another local entertainment can be for tourists an unusual theater, where carnival costumes will appeal to even the most sophisticated audience.
  5. If you want to experience the greatness of emperors, then you should definitely go to the Valley of Tombs, where statues of animals and people protect the peace of thirteen emperors.
  6. If you are attracted to such tourist places as the Valley of the Tombs, then you can look at the Terracotta Army, which is located in Xi'an. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that about two thousand years ago, about 8,000 figures of this army were under earth cover and thus protected the tomb in which the emperor was located.

Heading to Shanghai!

  1. Many tourists, to learn better about the Chinese civilization, go to beautiful Shanghai. This magnificent city will surprise you not only the world famous Temple of the Jade Buddha, but also an incredible size entertainment center, which was called the "Gate of hundreds of joys."China Shanghai AttractionsAfter shopping you will be able to do meditation and relax a bit in Yuyuan Garden (“Garden of Joy”) and in the Old Town. If you wish, you can talk with our smaller brothers in the incredible size of the aquarium. And naturally, not a single tourist should leave China without walking the night streets of Shanghai. In this case, you can look at the night city from a height, if you go to the TV tower "Pearl of the East."
  2. You can find a bit of your favorite Italy if you go to the city of Suzhou. There are canals, very similar to the Venetian ones, as well as the pagoda “Temple of Cloudy Rocks”, which is very similar to the Leaning Tower of Pisa. To see the work of local Chinese masters, you can order additional excursions. In no case do not miss the chance to do this, as the school of artistic embroidery, which is located in the city, is known to the whole world for its skill and talents of students.

Amazing hong kong

Another favorite destination of most tourists is Hong Kong, which has been under the domination of England for a very long time. That is why the European spirit is much more noticeable here than in other Chinese cities.The most important attraction of Hong Kong is considered Victoria Peak - the top of the city, serving as an observation deck,hong kong china attractionsfrom which with the onset of darkness, and in the daytime, offers a stunning view. In the evening, the main place that tourists are in a hurry to visit is the light show, which is held on the Avenue of Stars. In the morning, the majority of tourists go to Repulse Bay beach to meet the sunrise in a relaxed atmosphere.

China is diverse: small villages, bridges and houses are located near huge metropolitan areas and majestic temples and castles. Now China is still a developing country, but it is developing at such a rapid pace that it envies the whole world. At the same time, there is preserved its own culture and traditions, in which everyone can be personally convinced.


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