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What is justice?

February 3, 2015
What is justice?

Many words and definitions came to Russian from Latin. Consider what justice is.

Justice literally means legality and justice. It is also a multi-level system that includes judicial institutions or judicial departments. It refers to the legal field, which is formed by man, and is indivisible.

Other values

Below are the other meanings of this word:

  • Justice is justice, as well as the type of state activity under which the implementation of the judiciary takes place.
  • The ancient Romans called their goddess of justice Justice.
  • The plant belonging to the family Acantovyh - perennial flowers, also called justice.

The concept of "Justice" is used in such terms:

  • Juvenile justice is specialized state bodies that deal with crimes committed by children.
  • Administrative justice includes bodies that specialize in cases concerning administrative violations.
  • Justice authorities - this name is carried by all institutions belonging to the Ministry of Justice.

Specialization of the Ministry of Justice

Consider what the Ministry of Justice is doing:

  • Registration of acts approved by the executive bodies. These documents may state legal status, concern human rights, or be of an interdepartmental nature.
  • Supervises bailiffs who specialize in the enforcement of court decisions.
  • Execution of criminal penalties. The problems of keeping the accused or defendants, as well as people in custody, are solved here. The services of the Ministry of Justice monitor conditionally convicted persons or people who have a suspended sentence.
  • The guidance of the work of expert institutions: laboratories or centers.
  • The empowerment of notaries with appropriate powers that allow them to perform notarial actions. In addition, the Ministry of Justice controls the execution of their duties and issues licenses.
  • Authentication of signature and seal. The Ministry specializes in the legalization of papers that do not have an apostille.
  • Regulation of issuance of acts relating to the civil status and control of the registry offices.
  • Registration of rights to real estate, as well as transactions made with it. The Ministry of Justice oversees the work of the relevant territorial bodies, assists them.

Now you know all the meanings of the word “justice” and can successfully apply them. You also found out what the Ministry of Justice is doing, what important functions for the state and people it performs.


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