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What is manufactory?

Sergey Kascheev
Sergey Kascheev
August 9, 2012
What is manufactory?

The manufacture literally means handicraft, and is a large enterprise, which mainly uses the manual labor of hired workers. In Europe, in the middle of the 16th century, for the manufacture of products, they began to use the division of labor, which was the prerequisite for the creation of manufactory. The manufactory could have united artisans of the same specialty, but each performing its own operation, or different specialties required for the manufacture of goods. Manufactories in Europe existed until the last third of the 18th century.

What is manufactory becomes clear after considering the three forms of organization of production in it.

  1. With the scattered organization of the manufactory, its owner organized the production, supplying independent artisans with raw materials and implements of production, and then independently selling the finished products.
  2. The centralized organization of the manufactory was the most developed and united all the hired craftsmen needed to make the product in one large workshop.
  3. The mixed form of organization of the manufactory combined the results of labor and independent craftsmen performing operations in their workshop and centralized craftspeople working in one workshop.

In the manufacture labor productivity was high, due to the narrow specialization of workers involved in production. Thus, the appearance of manufactories contributed to the development of capitalism and the disintegration of feudalism.


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