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What is pragmatism?

Surely, many of us in the environment have people who always set a goal for themselves, and confidently go to its implementation, not seeing any obstacles in their path for this. These are pragmatic personalities. Is it good or bad? Let's figure it out.

Go to the head?

Many misinterpret the concept of pragmatism, considering it to be an extremely selfish trait, aimed only at receiving one’s own benefit. But actually it is not.

What is the pragmatism? This is a person's ability to clearly plan their actions, implement plans, while acting with the greatest concentration and clarity. The main thing in the process is not to be distracted by trifles, and to start the next business only upon completion of the previous one.

To some such people may seem cynical and selfish, not reckoning with the opinions of others. But if you dig deeper, then pragmatism is a successful combination of an analytical mind, purposefulness, self-reliance and a positive outcome of the situation.

Such people:

  • do not wait for the help of others, preferring to act and achieve everything independently;
  • approach all life issues and problems rationally, not hoping for a happy chance and the will of fate;
  • able to manage all life processes and have an excellent ability to plan everything;
  • The goal is always transformed into a profitable result.

This set of abilities is not available to everyone. And in conjunction with the life principle of many “as it is, so it is” leads to condemnation of people who know how to isolate the most important things in their lives and act without seeking excuses. Yes, such individuals will not spend much time on checking the facts and analyzing the details; they will test it through trial and error in practice.

On the way to the result, they may be mistaken hundreds of times, but in this case it is better to act with mistakes than to sit back.

Is everyone available?

Pragmatism is a quality that can be developed. And we are happy to share with you some tips on how to do this:

  1. Learn to break big goals into small and workable ones. To dismiss abstract and utopian desires, and to be concrete.Each time to determine the tools that will help achieve the task.
  2. Follow the principles of time management. Plan even the smallest details of the work, clearly adhere to deadlines, bring to the logical conclusion of all undertakings. The best assistant in this business is the diary.
  3. Develop in yourself such traits as stress tolerance and self-discipline, try to be guided by the mind, not by emotions. This is exactly what will help to gradually ignore distractions.
  4. Be prepared for a strict regime. If the achievement of a goal is constantly postponed, you need to take yourself into the "fists" and establish a strict regime for a while. This is a time of solitude and concentration at work.

Pragmatists are people of action. Long meditations and doubts are not peculiar to them, because while others are thinking, they are already doing. So, as quickly as possible approaching their goal. Such individuals are morally enduring and have a healthy maximalism. Almost all of them achieve what they aspire to.

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