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What is quorum?

Anna Piskunova
Anna Piskunova
May 14, 2015
What is quorum?

In an informal environment, a decision is often based on a majority decision. If we are talking about making a decision for an organization or a state, then we are talking about a quorum.

What is quorum and what is it? Let's see.

Quorum definition

Quorum - the number of participants in the meeting or meeting, which is sufficient for the event to be considered valid and eligible for making specific decisions. The word is taken from the Latin expression "quorum praesentia sufficit", which translates as "which is enough presence." The quorum is always documented, be it a law, a statute or some other document.

Non-compliance with the quorum leads to the fact that the scheduled meeting is canceled or postponed until the required number of participants is reached. This number can be calculated in two ways: either the nominal number of those present is taken, or, as a percentage of the total number, the number of decision makers.

Sometimes a quorum does not concern the decision-making procedure, but simply relates to the required number of participants for the event. For example, the advertising campaign of an event can be recognized as successful if it was visited by a certain number of people. Similarly, we can talk about visiting any kind of promotions to build people's awareness of a particular product, product or service.


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