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What is reiki?

January 27, 2015
What is reiki?

In this article we will consider the word "Reiki" as a type of alternative medicine, and not in terms of the scope of building materials.So, let's see what is Reiki.

Reiki is ...

Experts say that this technique can be described as: "healing by touching the palms." It can also be defined as a kind of "oriental medicine."

The international community refers this practice to the category of healing. In our country, reiki therapy is not characterized as a medical activity and is not subject to licensing. It is perceived by professionals as a spiritual practice.

This trend takes its history from 1922. Its inventor is the Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui. In his understanding, the name "Reiki" or "Reiki" consists of two Japanese hieroglyphs. In Japanese, "ray" means "the universe, spirit, soul," and "ki" is "energy, mind, mood."


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