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What is restyling?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
May 20, 2015
What is restyling?

Like many other words, the concept of "restyling" came to the Russian language from English. Literally, it translates as a change of style or modernization. In fact, this word can describe the process during which the exterior design of the car undergoes some changes. What is a restyling is especially evident in cars of the same brand, which over a certain period of time have changed their interior and exterior in accordance with fashion trends.

The concept of "restyling"

The restyling process begins with a change in the design of the wheels and the color of the body itself. Further, other elements and the car interior itself change, although this is rare. The interior design of the car can relate to ergonomic and technological functions. But in any case, the similarities with the old models remain.

Sometimes in the process of restyling may include the establishment of a modified transmission and power plant. In addition, in the new upgraded models, additional options and useful features appear.

Types of restyling

Conditionally restyling can be divided into two types:

  • planned;
  • unscheduled.

Scheduled restyling is performed when a certain car model has been around for a long time and becomes irrelevant and does not correspond to certain trends. Therefore, you need to develop a new, new version that will be more modernized and charged with additional functions.

Unscheduled restyling is performed only when the previous car model has certain flaws that become apparent during operation. And sometimes the audience for which the model is designed simply does not like the novelty: something is wrong in it, and it does not meet their high requirements.

A well-known example of restyling is the well-known “Chaika” car. It was replaced by GAZ-3105. It has become more modernized: the design, the drive of the wheels, the updated gearbox - everything spoke about its invincibility and high level.


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