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What is studying phonetics?

Leonid Veselov
Leonid Veselov
August 16, 2012
What is studying phonetics?

Russian language was studied in school without exception. However, over the years, some of the knowledge has been lost. Agree, now it is difficult to remember what is studying phonetics. If suddenly you urgently need an answer to this question, look for it in this article!

Under the phonetics understand the section of linguistics, which is engaged in the study of sound units of the language. It should be noted that phonetics refers to independent sections of linguistics.

If we speak more simply about what phonetics studies, the answer will be as follows: phonetics studies sounds, intonation and stress. Phonetics can study some specific systems. For example, the phonetic system of English (or French, Chinese, Russian). Such phonetics are also called private.

Together with the private phonetics that was just mentioned, there is a common one.

General phonetics

What is studying general phonetics? The subject of study of general phonetics are the sounds of speech of absolutely all languages ​​of the world.In addition, linguists working in this field are engaged in finding general sound laws (regardless of language), investigate the nature of sounds, and study stress and intonation.

Phonetics is divided into two categories: theoretical and practical. The first deals with general issues that somehow relate to the sound side of the language. With its help, as a rule, they find an explanation for the historical processes of language development.

The basis for practical phonetics is the same theory. Practical phonetics plays a large role in cases when the issues of correct pronunciation are solved. In addition, without it, the creation of alphabets for unwritten languages ​​would not be possible.


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