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What is the brain for?

Generally speaking, in humans, bone, spinal cord and brain can be distinguished. Each of them performs its functions. Let's take a detailed look at the purpose and function of each type of brain in the human body.

Bone marrow

One of the most important organs of the hematopoietic system is the bone marrow, which is involved in the creation of new blood cells. It is also responsible for the maturation of the cells of the immune system. Its main function is bone formation. If you ask yourself why the bone marrow is needed, we can say that this is the only adult tissue that contains a large number of stem cells. These cells are unique and not like any other cells in the human body. In all adult organisms, red and yellow brain can be distinguished.

  • Red bone marrow is characterized by a predominance of myeloid tissue. Erythrocytes, lymphocytes, blood plates and granular leukocytes are formed in the myeloid tissue. It fills the spongy substance of flat bones and their extended ends, and also contains the basis (stroma) and cells of the hematopoietic tissue.
  • The yellow brain fills the bone marrow cavities of the middle parts of the tubular bones.In its composition there are fat cells that have a yellow color.

Spinal cord

The spinal cord is part of the central nervous system of vertebrates, it is located in the spinal canal. In an adult, it has a length of about 40-45 cm., Its diameter is equal to one cm. Why do we need a spinal cord? It performs the following functions:

  • Conductor. Connects the peripheral nervous system and the upstream parts of the nervous system;
  • Reflex. This feature provides movement.


The human brain is a very complex and, by the way, little-studied organ. It is located in the cavity of the skull and consists of three large parts:

  • Big brain;
  • Cerebellum;
  • Brain stem.

The cerebral hemispheres make up most of it, followed by the cerebellum, and then a small portion forms the brain stem. The hemispheres are separated from each other by a gap. Between themselves, they are connected to the corpus callosum. We all need brains for the thinking process to take place. Information is stored in the human brain. It regulates all processes that occur in the human body. He is responsible for the feelings, emotions, memory and physiological processes.

In order to accurately understand why we need brains, we must know that all our actions and reactions occur due to the fact that the brain sends signals to certain parts of the body. He performs very complex thought processes. Thanks to him, mathematical formulas are created and magnificent paintings and music works are created. It is constantly evolving and accumulating a large amount of information. The amount of this information far exceeds the amount that hundreds of computers can contain. The brain does not sleep, and at any time of the day its biological processes are very active, it is able to process a very large amount of information, receiving signals from the nervous system, reacts quickly to them.

Scientists consider the brain as part of the human energy system, which is also the keeper of this energy. Now you know what types of brain are in the human body and what each of them serves for.


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