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What is the currency in Egypt?

Taisiya Belousova
Taisiya Belousova
February 8, 2013
What is the currency in Egypt?

Every tourist, before the upcoming trip to a hot country, always thinks about what kind of currency he will need. What is the currency in Egypt? In the most popular holiday country.

Everyone knows the national currency - this is the Egyptian pound, however, there is another name for the Egyptian currency - the Egyptian lira (LE). The local population uses the name guinea.

But which currency to take to Egypt is the most profitable? As before, in the country of the pyramids, the leading position is occupied by the US dollar, it is accepted with pleasure by both banks and exchange offices. In advance, you need to take care of the exchange of dollars into small bills, as you can pay them in cafes, shops, and taxis, if for some reason you could not get to the bank and exchange them for Egyptian pounds. But, you will be given change only in pounds of Egyptian. Recently, apart from the dollar, the euro is becoming popular in Egypt, but it is still not accepted as readily as the dollar.


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