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What is the diet on the cabbage?

One of the most popular and effective ways to lose weight is to use the cabbage diet. To date, several types of such a diet have become known. They differ among themselves by a special set of products and different varieties of cabbage. This allows you to greatly diversify the table and expand the number of substances that are necessary for the normal development of the body. Let's consider what foods should contain a diet on cabbage.

Diet on cabbage salad

This version of the diet should be held for at least ten days. During this time, it is imperative to drink as much purified water as possible per day. Salty or pepper food is strictly prohibited. In between meals, in order to allay hunger, it is allowed to eat only cabbage.

The menu is developed for two days, and then alternates. On the first day, for breakfast, we drink only a glass of black or green tea, for lunch we eat shredded cabbage, in which you must add olive oil in advance, as well as two chicken eggs. Dinner consists of only one cup of medium-fat kefir.

On the second day, we diversify the menu a little, eating just a cup of black or green tea for breakfast, cabbage salad with sunflower oil and two chicken eggs for dinner, and 200 grams of low-fat boiled or baked fish and carrot or cabbage salad for dinner. You can drink a low-fat kefir.

Diet on cabbage soup

As in the first version, the diet on cabbage should last at least 7 days. However, this time the main dish will be cabbage soup. The recipe for this soup is as follows.

We take 500-600 grams of cabbage, half a cup of brown rice, a few stalks of celery, five small carrots, two tomatoes, two bell peppers, six onions, a few onion feathers and a pinch of salt.

Cut the above vegetables, pour them into the pan, into which boiling water was poured in advance. Cook vegetables until tender. Now we also need to cook brown rice, cook it for 20 minutes, then insist for half an hour. A minute before cooking is over, add rice, onions and salt to vegetables. Mix the resulting soup and now it can be eaten.

For a week you can make yourself the following menu:

On Monday, we cook the soup and besides it we eat only vegetables. On Tuesday, apart from cabbage soup, we eat fruit, but bananas are by no means impossible. On Wednesday, we also eat soup and alternate vegetables and fruits; if necessary, you can add lean meat to the soup. On Thursday, besides soup, we eat bananas and drink milk. On Friday we eat soup and tomatoes, lean fish. On Saturday, we eat cabbage soup and spoil ourselves with baked fish. On Sunday, we again eat soup and fruit.

Diet on sauerkraut

The last option is a diet on sauerkraut. It is held for three days. At this time it is necessary to use not only salads, but also soups cooked on the basis of sauerkraut. The composition of this kind of diet can be added for a variety of fruits and vegetables. It is advisable to use as much clean drinking water as possible.

Lose weight and be the most beautiful in the summer - an incentive for any girl. And to achieve this goal without much effort will help cabbage diet.


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