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"Diamonds are the best friends of girls" is a popular saying. What attracts the stone to the female half, maybe it is appreciated by magic power or unforgettable beauty is the main criterion in the choice.

What is a diamond?

A diamond is a processed diamond. The cut of diamonds is performed in such a way that the light is refracted through the walls and decomposes into colored rays, creating a rainbow. The facet causes the stone to shine and glow. The shades of the diamond are many, but common are yellow and brown. One of the main criteria in assessing the value of a stone is its purity. It is detected by experts on a set scale using a magnifying glass, which increases tenfold. In the absence of visible defects, the diamond is awarded the highest grade.

Carats - a unit of measurement of the weight of a diamond. In terms of grams, 1 carat equals 1/5 grams.

What is the most expensive diamond in the world?

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What is the most expensive diamond in the world?

An interesting question: what is the world's most expensive diamond? In 2013, a diamond named “Pink Star” was sold for $ 83 million at auction.Weight before processing was 132.5 carats. After - 11.92 grams. According to expert studies, the stone is the purest, optically transparent. Among jewelry diamonds, it is in 2% in its class.

The diamond was mined in 1999 in Africa. In 2003, after full treatment, they put on public display. After being sold at auction, the stone renamed the new owner “The Pink Dream”. I wonder if there is a stone more expensive than a diamond?

What does the diamond symbolize?

People who buy precious stones often do not even think about what they mean, symbolize, help in life, or affect their state of mind.

The diamond symbolizes power and strength. Gives the owner unique abilities, inspires for feats.

When 6 thousand years ago a diamond was found in India, it was not given any value. He did not look attractive, and he acquired beauty only after cutting. In ancient India, we learned how to make the treatment. More than 500 years ago, the fashion for wearing diamonds came from France. Only then was the stone truly appreciated.

Brilliant has high magical and healing properties. Back in ancient times, knights attached stones to themselves on their armor in order to feel a surge of courage, bravery, strength, and faith in victory.

Medicinal properties:

  • Reducing the number of disorders of the digestive tract: frequent poisoning, pain, etc. are reduced to a minimum, if the diamond is used as a decoration.
  • Drug-dependent stone will help in the fight against the disease. When starting a stationary mode, you should carry it with you. He adds strength and faith in himself.
  • Favors the stone girls. It reduces the risks of "female" problems, suspends aging and wilting of the skin. And those couples who are trying to conceive a child will benefit from a diamond.
  • Black diamonds protect the owner from damage and evil eye. He gains power not immediately, but accumulatively, after a couple of months of continuous wear.
What is the most expensive diamond in the world?

Gold diamond earrings, SL;gold ring with diamonds SL(prices link)

How to choose a diamond

When buying jewelry at a jewelry store, people wonder: how to choose a diamond? Do you need to be an expert for this? This is not true. No one wants to wear a fake for big money, so there are ways to determine the quality of the stone:

  1. First, compare 2 stones. Both of them should sparkle and give out a rainbow glare.
  2. With irregular cutting, one or several faces do not refract and do not transmit light.

All methods of determining a worthy specimen are reduced to visual perception.Comparing between a few stones, choose the one that better transmits light, shimmers and smoother competitor. The more colorful the color flashes, the better the cut.

If you are not confident in your abilities when choosing, it is better to contact a specialist for help.

A diamond will never bring trouble by itself. But it can be a good reason for quarrels, disagreements between loving people and even wars between countries and states. Diamond was appreciated and will be appreciated among the owners and secret admirers.


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