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What is a prolongation?

Kate flower
Kate flower
May 18, 2015
What is a prolongation?

There are two points of view on where the prolongation word came from. In the first case, it is assumed that it came to us from the French language and is derived from the term prolongation. In the second case, it is believed that the word came to us from the Latin language and is derived from prolongare. In both cases, the term "prolongation" has one meaning - "lengthen". Let us consider in more detail what a prolongation is.

This word is used in many fields and professions. For example, you can meet this term in:

  • Medicine In this industry, you may encounter two options for using the word. So, there is a prolongation of the treatment process - its continuation until the desired result is achieved. You can also cite as an example the prolongation of the dosage form - lengthening the pill, which is absorbed faster, does not cause a reaction in the gastrointestinal tract and allows you to take less drugs due to the high efficiency.
  • Law and office work. Means the extension of the contract. For example, you can extend the lease or sublease, etc.
  • The sphere of finance.You can roll over your deposit, that is, to extend the validity of the contract after its completion. In order to find out if you can roll over a deposit, you need to examine the contract or negotiate this point initially at the time of its conclusion.
  • Sexology. Prolonging means delaying sexual intercourse.
  • Insurance area. You can prolong your insurance contract.

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