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What is the staff?

Vera Melnikova
Vera Melnikova
May 20, 2015
What is the staff?

The word "staff" has the Latin root persona, which literally translates as "person." Virtually all values ​​represent a specific group of employees of an institution.

What is personnel: word meanings

  • The staff is a permanent staff of an institution. Example: "Company staff was called for an emergency meeting."
  • Staff of all employees, distributed by professional qualifications, specialties, positions, length of service, and more. In this sense, the word "personnel" is synonymous with the word "personnel". Example: "The head of the personnel department presented statistics reflecting the characteristics of the company's personnel."
  • Often the staff is called employees of institutions engaged in economic activities. Example: "The attendants prepared the department of the hospital to receive new victims."

The word “personnel” is often used in the labor legislation of the Russian Federation when the rights and obligations of employees are explained. You can find such combinations of words: aviation personnel, technical personnel, attendants and others.

The word "staff" is used mainly in business speech. However, in an ironic sense, it is spoken and colloquially. Example: "Hey, staff, did you clean up the room ?!" - asked mom, coming home from work.


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