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What is the tax address?

Tatyana Ionina
Tatyana Ionina
April 5, 2013
What is the tax address?

Pay taxes, become an individual entrepreneur or get the status of a legal entity - all this can be done during a visit to the tax authorities. But how to be to those who do not know to which tax address belongs? There are two ways to solve this search problem. The first option is to find the website of the Federal Tax Service on the Internet and, through this information source, find out the address of the tax service to which the organization or individual belongs geographically. The second option: contact the telephone help service. Let us consider both options in more detail.

Internet site of the Federal Tax Service

To get to the official website of the Federal Tax Service, you can go to. Now back to the question - how to find out what tax? At the top of the main page there is a section "". We follow the link and find ourselves in the right section. Here we find the subsection "".On the first page there is a query “Code of IFTS”, if the code is unknown, you can click “Next”. On the next page is proposed to enter the "Region". After that, the query "District", "City". You must complete the proposed requests. The most recent issue from the system will be “Address”. After filling in all the proposed requests, the address of the tax inspectorate to which the individual or organization is assigned in accordance with the location will arise.

Telephone inquiry service

Not being able to use Internet technologies, you can contact the telephone help service "09". You need to call and ask - what tax address (you specify the address of interest) serves. For the referral service, you must specify: for an individual - the place of registration, for a legal organization - the address at which it is registered.


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