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What is the temperature in the aquarium?

In order for the aquarium from decorating your home does not become a source of constant problems, you need to comply with the conditions of the fish. And one of the main ones is the water temperature. Let's see what temperature is needed in an aquarium, and how to maintain it.

What are afraid and what they love fish

Fish can not regulate body temperature, it depends on water temperature. Accordingly, all the processes in the body of fish depend on environmental conditions. When the water temperature decreases, all physiological processes are slowed down, and hypothermia leads to death. Overheating is also dangerous for fish. With a significant increase in temperature decreases the amount of oxygen in the water. Even the increase that the fish carry normally, accelerates their metabolism, which reduces the life expectancy.

The temperature regime in the aquarium should depend on the type of fish living in it. Thus, it is comfortable for popular guppies and swordtails at 24-28 ° C; for males and tsichlazomas - at 24-26 ° C, for scalars - at 26-28 ° C.The discussions tolerate temperatures up to 30 C. But catfish, anticyrus, cardinals and neons like cool water - about 20-22 ° C. For goldfish, parrots and danios, the optimum temperature is 22-24 ° C.

Optimal conditions of detention

But what is the temperature in the aquarium should be if it contains fish of different families? It is known that most fish bred under artificial conditions tolerate an average temperature of 22-26 ° C. But there is such a thing as the limiting temperature of the content. A sharp decrease in water temperature below 18-20 ° C will negatively affect the inhabitants of the aquarium. As well as an increase above 30-32 ° C. And the increase in water temperature to 36 ° C is generally deadly for almost all types of fish.

You must also ensure that there are no sharp fluctuations in water temperature during the day (more than 1-3 ° C). It is especially difficult to monitor the temperature in winter and summer, when the air temperature in the apartment varies significantly. To avoid exposure to external factors will help the correct location of the aquarium. It should not be located near the radiator and under the sunlight.

How to maintain water temperature

To know exactly what the temperature of the water in the aquarium, you need to purchase a thermometer. To maintain the optimum temperature, you will need a thermal heater with a temperature controller. This device heats the water to the set temperature and turns off.

It is much more difficult to maintain the desired temperature in the summer. To avoid water heating from the ambient air, it is better to install an air conditioner in the room. You can buy a special device for cooling water in the aquarium - chiller. However, chillers are quite expensive, so many amateur hobbyists get out of the situation, cooling the water with the help of fans. A small fan is placed above the aquarium so that it blows the surface of the water. Cold water bottles can also be used, but this is not effective.

Now you understand that the question of what the temperature of the water in an aquarium is not idle. This indicator is very important for normal life of the fish.


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