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What is Trichomonas?

Irina Saprykina
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What is Trichomonas?

Trichomonas is the simplest unicellular parasite organism, class flagellates. In the human body, its three parasitic species affecting such organs as the vagina - Trichomonas vaginalis, the oral cavity - Trichomonas oral and the intestines - Trichomonas intestine. Let's talk about each form in more detail.

Trichomonas vaginal

The habitat of Trichomonas vaginalis, also called urogenital, is the urinogenital system of men and women. In the latter, the inflammatory process is more frequent and more pronounced. To self-medicate with this disease is strictly forbidden - trichomoniasis can go into a hidden aggressive form and cause more harm to health. On the ways of infection with Trichomonas tell our article What is dangerous sex | Venereal diseases.

Oral Trichomonas

This species has been little studied, but it is known that Trichomonas of the mouth lives on the tonsils, gums, gets into the respiratory tract. Its reproduction can trigger the development of ENT diseases.

Intestinal trichomonas

The parasite lives in the human intestinal tract, causing diseases such as colitis, cholecystitis, enterocolitis. Some experts suggest that signs of intestinal Trichomonas may be erosion, ulcers, polyps, edema, combined with anemia, pale skin and weakness of the muscles.

So, you know what Trichomonas.


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