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Why dream of a loved one?

February 26, 2015
Why dream of a loved one?

There are people who just need to quickly find out what a particular dream means. In the morning they immediately try to decipher it, run to the fortunetellers, look into the dream books. These individuals include many young girls who, by virtue of their romantic feelings, are trying to predict their own destiny. About what the beloved boy dreams about is described in this article.

The fact that a girl in love dreams of her boyfriend is not surprising. It would be strange, just the opposite, if not dreamed of. In the period of being in love, feelings are aggravated, the line between sleep and reality is often lost. A dream in which a young girl sees her beloved boyfriend is characterized by an entourage rather than a basic meaning. Here the little things of sleep are important: where, under what circumstances, in what environment and context you see the sweet.

  • If the beloved boyfriend kisses in a dream - a sign of happiness and satisfaction with the circumstances of your meetings, the terms of the relationship.
  • If a girl kisses her beloved boyfriend in the dark, then you should be careful about relationships, fearing rumors and gossips spread by acquaintances and neighbors.
  • Hugging with a guy in plain sight - your relationship will soon become public knowledge, will be brought up for public discussion.
  • If you walk or swim together - your feelings will be durable and lasting.
  • Farewell to the beloved boyfriend is dreaming - to a quick separation and loss of mutual feelings.
  • If your beloved boy dreamed you in a dream with another girl, then this should alert you to reality: apparently, there is a reason and reason for not trusting him completely. But maybe ordinary jealousy plays in you, inherent, probably, in every love person.
  • So do not judge too harshly and, most importantly, without proof! But in general, according to some sources, such dreams of a loved one, which you see on the other, can come true with the accuracy of "the other way around", and you will have long and exciting relationships with a guy.

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