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What is the difference between iPhone 4 and 4s?

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What is the difference between iPhone 4 and 4s?

Nowadays, when the wave of admiration for 4s has already subsided, it is possible to calmly evaluate the features of the later model relative to its predecessor and see how the iPhone 4 differs from 4s. And for those who are facing a choice, this article can help to finally decide. If you are unfamiliar with the capabilities of the phone from Apple, also read our article What is good iPhone 4.

What are the differences iPhone 4 from 4s


By picking up this or that model, you can hardly be sure to determine its exact name, since the two phone cases are almost identical: their size, shape and color — black or white — are completely the same.

When visually inspecting 4 and 4s, it can be seen that the antenna located at the top of the new device looks different, therefore the sound control button is shifted a few millimeters lower than that of the earlier specimen. This happened because the 4s is equipped with two antennas, and this allows to improve the quality of reception of signals from the satellite, and thus increase the level of communication and data transfer rate.

Well, for the most inquisitive you need to specify that the weight of the device increased by 0.3 grams.If the iPhone 4 weighs 13.7 g, then 4s is 14 g. Of course, such a small difference in the hand is not felt at all.

Photo and video camera

The improved phone is equipped with an 8 megapixel camera, as opposed to 5 megapixel in the fourth version. Yes, and the video is shot in 4s in Full HD against 720p in the previous version, plus the image stabilization function. Thus, the photo and video on the new device is much clearer, the quality of shooting in low light and in the dark has improved.


We can not get around another important innovation: a new, more powerful processor, which is equipped with an iPhone 4s. It consists of two cores, and its frequency is 1 GHz. A graphics processor advanced model is 9 times more powerful than the four.

With the help of such equipment, the gadget has become 2 times more productive, which, undoubtedly, modern users will appreciate.

Memory and networking

4s has 64 GB of internal memory, which means that system applications that can not be stored on the card, you can download a lot more.

As already mentioned, the transfer of data via the Internet has increased significantly, so the pages load a few seconds faster, and typing does not slow down due to resource overload.


The most important difference between 4s and its predecessor is the mobile personal assistant, a kind of virtual administrator on your phone, called Siri.

This program, equipped with artificial intelligence, it gradually studies the habits and preferences of the host and helps him in working with the phone, filling the diary, dialing a phone number or SMS to your dictation.

Siri is also able to search for information on the Internet, for example, to find the best option for train or air tickets, call a taxi, track traffic jams along your usual route, etc.


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