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What material to choose the countertop?

Share your personal experience, what material is better to order a countertop for the kitchen? I want it to be practical and look good in the interior.
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Answered on June 6 13:55
If you pull financially, then you can choose a natural stone countertop. They are expensive enough, but they look just "space". A friend of marble countertop chic.
Ed Abramov
Ed Abramov
Marble and real stone - and you were looking for an alternative? I have a consultant in St. Petersburg on number 89313204021 Sergey is called, he consults on important issues of choosing lifestonespbru furniture and kitchen worktops.
Answered on August 28, 16:01, by Cherentsova |
Fedya Graf
Fedya Graf
Yes, good worktops do Sergey
Answered on September 4, 10:53, by Cherentsova |
I know everything)
I know everything)
Answered on June 6, 14:00
A table top made of natural stone will cost you a round sum. You can consider more profitable option, it is a tabletop made of quartz or acrylic. Quartz stone is very practical, does not scratch, is not picky in the care.You can order this here. I myself think by the end of the summer to make repairs in the kitchen, and buy a new kitchen furniture with a worktop.

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