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What may be signs of menstruation

About PMS - premenstrual syndrome - often make jokes. Men love to joke on this topic, although in reality there is little funny about it. Because of the hormonal changes that occur in the body before the onset of menstruation, women really have a hard time: the mood changes from a feeling of joy to utter doom; even those who never cry are crying these days. Many women have mixed emotions, and it may seem like you don’t know what you want. For example, a woman wants attention, while the words and deeds of others are annoying. If you notice similar symptoms, it may mean that you will have menstruation within a week or two.
A few days before the expected menstruation, pain may occur in the area of ​​the mammary glands. The breast as if increases in volume, and the underwear can disturb and bring inconveniences.Women may also experience a mild but unpleasant pulling pain in the lower abdomen, in the lower back. Many complain of a twisting pain in the joints, cramps in the legs.
Some women note that a week before their monthly period their taste preferences change, I want something sweet, but at the same time, mild nausea may occur from familiar foods. All these symptoms will quickly pass with the onset of menstruation. However, we should not forget that pregnant women experience the same symptoms at the beginning of their term. Be careful and do a pregnancy test if your periods are delayed by at least one day.
For puberty is characterized by the appearance of lesions on the skin and increased greasiness of the hair. This upsets young girls, but in fact it’s not upset because these signs indicate that the girl is becoming a woman.
For girls who have never had menstruation, the onset of menarche can occur against the background of an increase in mammary glands and intensive growth of body hair. As a rule, at the stage of puberty, girls are also gaining a little weight, although cyclical fluctuations in weight are also characteristic of women of later age.
It is believed that the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome are most clearly expressed before the birth of the child, and after childbirth the periods pass more easily.

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