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What oil is better to pour in a Toyota?

I recently bought my first Toyota car, but for all the fuss I forgot to ask the previous owner what kind of motor oil he poured. Tell me, who understands this and where in Kiev you can buy it?
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Answered on March 28, 14:11
When choosing oil, first of all you need to consider the type of engine and the conditions of use of the car. If you already have high mileage in your car, then you should take the oil with a high viscosity index.
Answered on March 28, 2:15 pm
Of course, now many will advise you that it is better to buy the original motor oil, but it is expensive and not everyone can afford such a purchase. It is best to consult in the auto shop, they will prompt you more specifically.
Answered on March 28, 14:19
If you want your car to go for a long time without breakdowns, you must first carry out maintenance on time, fill in high-quality fuel and oil. Let it be more expensive, but in the future you will avoid expensive car repairs.I recently bought a car in the cabin, I am going to fill in the original oil only, I found it here. Look at the characteristics, it may be suitable for you.

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