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What oil is poured into a scooter?

Oksana Logunova
Oksana Logunova
February 13, 2013
What oil is poured into a scooter?

Every novice motorist is faced with the question of choosing an oil for a scooter. After all, the fate of your iron horse directly depends on this. First you need to determine what you need. Oil for a scooter is of two types: two-stroke (2 tons) and four-stroke (4 tons). Each species, in turn, is divided into three types: synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral.

Two-stroke scooter

Small-volume engines that are installed on motorcycles are prone to carbon deposits, so the oil in the scooter's gearbox should contain components that help keep the components clean and pumped by the motor without delay.

For two-stroke scooters, the oil must be 2 tons. It mixes well with gasoline, will not clog the carburetor and will not sink to the bottom if you pour it directly into the tank. This oil is mixed with gasoline in a smaller ratio, therefore, your scooter will smoke less, therefore less carbon will accumulate on the candle, in the combustion chamber, in the exhaust pipes and channels.Choose synthetic oil if you intend to operate your scooter in difficult climatic conditions. It is suitable for use up to -35 ° C without losing its properties. For daily driving in the city and country roads suitable mineral or semi-synthetic oil.

Scooter with four-stroke engine

If your scooter has a conventional gearbox, then 4t oil is required, if the variator, then transmission. So which one to choose: synthetic, semi-synthetic or mineral? It depends on your riding style, the age and condition of your moped, etc. All manufacturers of four-stroke mopeds generally recommend pouring 10w-40 semi-synthetic oil. The oil should protect and lubricate well the friction pairs of parts, be low-smoke, ensure the continuous operation of the clutch operating in the oil bath. Therefore, a special 4t oil is used, although a moped will also drive with simple motor oil.

For new high-speed and high-speed engines, 2 t synthetic oil is better suited. It will keep the cylinder-piston engine clean. And in the gearbox two-stroke scooter can be poured 4 tons of oil.Now, you know what kind of oil is poured into a scooter. The choice is yours, the main thing is not to save.


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