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What put the cross?

Dmitry Tatarevich
Dmitry Tatarevich
January 25, 2013
What put the cross?

How often do we hear sparkling phrases? During the day a person utters more than 1000 phrases, and this is far from the limit.

So, the meaning of “putting a cross” is used by most people in different variations, not excluding, of course, life situations. But what put the cross? Let's consider the following options.

  • Put a cross - the expression can be used in its original meaning. For example, "Instead of a beautiful signature, she for the illiteracy put a cross." Etor means that she did not know how to write, and therefore put a cross instead of a signature, this is how illiterate peasants used to put in old times.
  • Putting a cross can still mean building a structure (for example, a tombstone), the symbol of which will be a cross.
  • To put a cross (in a figurative and colloquial sense) means to consider something finished, lost, irrevocably, to come from something, for example, to despair, to lose hope for something.
  • Put an end to a career - forget about career and career growth, both in general and for a long time. For example, forget about the career of a specialist, etc.This value does not make sense to use, if the individual, finally, after a short break, has managed to restore the status as an employee, or opened his own business, which will soon make a profit.

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