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What to buy in China?

All over the world, China is famous for cheap shopping. What can you buy in China? There you can buy anything you like: electronics, optics, fashionable western clothes and souvenirs. Let us dwell on the most popular products that tourists are so actively driven from China.

Favorable shopping in China

Fashionable clothes and skin care products

In all major cities of China you can find a lot of stores selling fashion clothes and cosmetics. The buyer is offered clothes of a large number of styles and trends, designer items, as well as cosmetics and skin care products.

Jewelry and Watches

Jewelry stores made of pearls, diamonds, jade or gold can be easily purchased at reputable jewelry stores in China.

Home Appliances

Chinese Hong Kong can certainly be called an electronic paradise. Everything is here! Due to fierce competition, prices for mobile phones, I-Pods, MP3-players, digital cameras and computers are very low.


Chinese furniture is notable for its beauty and resourceful design.In addition to Chinese furniture, in the big cities of China you can find furniture and household goods from major international manufacturers.


In the Chinese optics store, you can easily check your eyesight, prepare a prescription for glasses and offer spectacle frames. Frames are much cheaper than in Russia.

What to buy in China from souvenirs

Hand-made products

If, in addition to gifts for your friends, you want to bring something worthwhile for yourself, we advise you to opt for works of Asian and Chinese crafts and arts. For a long time, Chinese textiles, ivory or jade products will remind you of a wonderful trip to China.

Chinese clothes

The style of Chinese clothes is quite peculiar. In Chinese clothing stores, you can buy women's gowns, cheongsam, mandarin-style jackets, inexpensive smart shirts and various items of fine fabrics.

Chinese tea

China is famous for the beneficial properties of black and herbal tea.

Gold jewelry

Before the windows of Chinese jewelry stores, tourists literally run up their eyes. Indeed, in the major cities of China, a large range of modern and traditional gold products at reasonable prices.

Chinese sweets

Especially popular among sweets are cakes filled with paste from lotus seeds or red and black beans. Sweets are usually sold in foil, so it’s not difficult to pack them and bring them home.

Chinese dishes

The whole world knows about the beauty and durability of Chinese services. Chinese stores and supermarkets are full of ordinary and thin-walled china.

Before you go shopping, you need to exchange euros or dollars for yuan. If you do this in a bank, then the rate may be undervalued. Therefore, your personal guide or maintainer will be able to suggest a place where you can profitably exchange money. Also in large shopping centers have the opportunity to pay with a visa card and mastercard.


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