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What to catch asp?

Anna Mikhailova
Anna Mikhailova
November 4, 2014
What to catch asp?

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What to catch asp?

Zherekh is a predatory fish that lives in large rivers that flow into the Caspian and Black Sea. To catch as many asp, you need to know which bait is best for him.

The best bait for asp

Before you catch the asp, you need to decide on the bait. Should choose from these types:

  1. Swing spinners. They have excellent flight characteristics and optimal size, perfect for catching such a predatory fish with rafting on the coastal shelters, as well as when fishing on the borders of shoals. Oscillating spinners can be used with a uniform wiring, and with a fall.
  2. Tail spinners. Such baits are made of lead and have a shape that replicates the fish body, therefore, they work very effectively. They can be used at various depths and areas where there is a fairly strong flow. This bait can be used for any wiring: with a fall and a uniform one.
  3. Bait turntables. These are spinners with axial load.This bait is a classic for catching asp, which makes it very popular with fishing enthusiasts. But it is important to consider that it is suitable only for uniform wiring.

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