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What catch catfish?

Som is the largest inhabitant of Russian freshwater bodies. Being a heat-loving fish, this bottom predator is best caught in the period from July to August. It is most active at night, in the period from evening twilight to early morning. Being a voracious catfish, omnivorous and eats not only fish. In his diet, and frogs, and small waterfowl, and mollusks. He does not shun and various food garbage falling into the river. The catfish successfully compensates for its poor eyesight with a well-developed sideline and keen sense of smell. Knowledge of nutritional preferences is crucial for successful capture. However, the answer to the question, on which bait to catch a catfish, depends not only on knowledge of its diet, but also on the gear that is used when fishing, on the time and method of fishing and on local features. Usually catfish are caught on the donk or spinning. To catch a catfish is worth a lot of work, and this prey will be a worthy trophy for any fisherman.

Bait when fishing on the donku

With this type of fishing every little thing is important. Before you catch a catfish on the donk, you should carefully check every element of the gear. Despite its omnivorous, catfish is unlikely to take the nozzle with clumsy or roughly made gear.The best time for fishing on the donk is the evening or morning dawn.

If we talk about the nozzle itself, then when catching a classic bait with a donku, a frog is put on a hook behind its hind leg. However, zhivets is also often used. In its quality not bad act chehon, shuroenok, chery, ide. Live bait can replace sliced ​​fillet from a side of fresh fish.

In the spring, when fishing with a donkey, a bunch of hard meadow worms or crawls is used as a bait. In the autumn, some consider the best bait of ravens. Smoked at the stake, they, by their smell, attract the catfish perfectly and, at the same time, sit dead on the hook.

Revealing the secret of how to catch catfish, fishermen on the Lower Volga are advised in the heat of summer to use a piece of the cheapest laundry soap as bait. Its smell perfectly attracts soma.

Bait when it comes to spinning

The way of catching catfish on spinning is not so common, however, without a doubt, it is the most fascinating and exciting. It is not easy at all to cope with a large catfish, so it is necessary to use a 3 meter long spinning rod with a power coil and a friction brake.When deciding what to catch soma with spinning, it is worth considering that the bait should be quite heavy. This will allow her to quickly sink to the bottom, where she should be led.

If we talk about baits themselves, then they use large, deep-tapping wobblers, heavy oscillating spinners, and large jig baits. Some spinningists in the appendage to the bait catch live fish.

Also used as a type of bait are tacks with dead fish. Their positive side is that they are suitable for catching very large fish. Artificial bait of this size just does not happen. And a dead fish for a catfish will be more attractive than a metal or plastic bait.

Bait fishing

As bait, which seems attractive enough for the catfish to leave the habitat and swim up to the bait, snarling and fresh-frozen fish, pieces of tarred bird with the smell of burning meat and feathers are used. Well attracted to the soma smell of fallen boots. The bait is placed in wire troughs tied to heavy stones. Live frogs are tied to feeders.It is necessary to make holes in the feeders through which the live dung can leave it, and the dead will gradually be washed away by the flow.

One of the most fascinating types of catfish fishing is the old way of using sound bait - Kwok. True, this method requires patience and perseverance. In principle, how to catch a catfish on a whine, there is nothing difficult. Kwok, or shred, klokusha, is a simple device, consisting of a handle, knife and heels. The rhythmic kwok’s heel strokes on the water attract the catfish, and it goes to the bait. In this case, a reel is used as a tackle on which a fishing line with a hook and a weight is wound. In a more modern version, spinning with a cartoon coil and a load, with or without a float, is used. The most interesting thing is that so far no one has been able to establish how the acoustic effect of kwok blows makes the catfish rush to the bait, having left his day dwelling. According to one of the well-established opinions, these sounds may be similar to those produced by catfish, swallowing prey.


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