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What to do at home during the autumn holidays

What to do at home during the autumn holidaysAutumn holidays last at least a week, not all can go to the sea at the time, but leaving the house in the rain and slush, which is normal for autumn weather, hardly anyone can be pleased. A couple of times you can go to the cinema, to the exhibition or to the cafe, and what to do at home the rest of the time? Diving into the observation of social networks and photos of cats is not the best way to spend this time. At home during the autumn holidays you can find a lot of interesting things.

Day after day at home on vacation

The easiest and best thing to do during the autumn holidays is to have a good sleep. Sitting deep into the night with a movie, internet or a book is tempting, but you shouldn’t do that either, despite the fact that you can sleep as much as you like in the morning. Long bored phrases about the downed mode is not quite an empty sound: the transition to "owl mode" will make the first two or three school days after the holidays unforgettable in the worst sense of the word.
What to do at home during the autumn holidays
In a time full of studies, there was no time to think about the simplest things, such as cleaning.This is not about getting a vacuum cleaner and tidying up the room to shine - it's boring, but to disassemble a desk or heaps of clothes in a closet, which no hands could reach, will bring not only pleasure from the order, but also allow to find many forgotten things. Sometimes very beautiful and completely unexpected.
Organize and closet, and the table in a new way, glue or buy a few bright boxes or folders, update the hangers, spread out and rearrange everything as you like - this is not a routine of regular cleaning, but a real home design.
What to do at home during the autumn holidays
But if you really do not want to spend the holidays in vain, set yourself some one simple goal: for example, read this or that book that you have long wanted to read, or watch the first season of the series, which you have been putting off until a long time. In a week, and even more so in nine days, namely, the fall holidays in some schools last so long, a lot can be done.

Courses at home on holidays

What to do at home during the autumn holidays
When thinking about studying at this time, it begins to make sick even those who never write “INTO” instead of “what”, but studying is not only a school. What to do? On vacation, watch your favorite movies and TV shows in the original voice acting with Russian subtitles - first, you will hear the real voices of all the actors, much more pleasant to the ear,than their inept translation, and secondly, you yourself will not notice how the rumor begins to seize foreign momentum, and their meaning in the head will appear as if by itself. And the pronunciation will be much better.
There are several websites dedicated to online courses that don’t need to do homework or contact other students if you don’t want to do this — for example, Curcer. Sign up for one of the hundreds of options devoted to everything, from cooking to the history of rock music, and listen to ten-minute lecture stories whenever you are bored. Or, if you wish, communicate with peers from around the world who are interested in the same as you.

Handmade vacation home

What to do at home during the autumn holidays
Free autumn days are the best time to try yourself in what you have long wanted. Dozens of directions of contemporary hand-made at your service - scrapbooking, beads and figurines made of polymer clay, embroidery of all kinds, quilling, decoupage and sewing on felt. You can, after practicing, make yourself a new decoration for the first day of school after the holidays, paint or paste over an old stool, bring friends as a gift cards or keychains made with your own hands.But the main thing is that you learn how to do all this, and this knowledge will remain with you for a much longer time than the autumn holidays.
Do not be afraid to do what you want!


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