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What if you were poisoned by sea water?

Unfortunately, the rest of the sea can be darkened by poisoning. And you can suffer from seawater. Learn how to help in this situation.

Properties of sea water

The benefits of seawater are invaluable. First, the natural salt has antiseptic properties, due to which it destroys pathogenic microorganisms. Doctors advise such water to wash the nasal cavity and gargle with rhinitis, tonsillitis, sinusitis. Secondly, salt absorbs liquid, due to which reduces the swelling of the tissues. For example, if you wash yourself with water from the sea of ​​the sutra, you can get rid of the notorious bags under your eyes. Thirdly, sea water has a beneficial effect on the skin: it stops inflammation, cleans pores, eliminates black spots.

But sea water can be harmful. It has an irritating effect on mucous membranes and damaged skin. If there are wounds and scratches, the salt on them will cause discomfort and pain.Sea water is harmful to the eyes - provokes redness and tearing. If ingested in large quantities in the gastrointestinal tract, digestive disorders are possible.

How can you get poisoned with sea water?

Sea water poisoning usually occurs either by accidentally swallowing it during a voyage (especially if there are waves), or by ingestion into the mouth or nose during games at sea. Most often, children are poisoned, as they are very fond of active exercises on the beach and do not always swim well. But adults too can face a problem.

The causes of poisoning are two. The first is the irritating effect of high salt concentrations on the mucous membranes of the walls of the stomach and intestines. In fact, this cannot be called classic poisoning, since pathogenic microorganisms are not present in the water. Still, the walls of the gastrointestinal organs are irritated and damaged, and this causes digestive disorders, very similar to the symptoms of infections.

The second reason is pathogenic microorganisms (usually viruses and bacteria) that can live in the sea. They usually die quickly in such an environment, but if you are close to an infected person,then pathogens of water may well get from his body into yours, which will provoke the most real poisoning with all the ensuing consequences.

There is another situation that may occur when a large amount of sea water is ingested. The kidneys are responsible for the removal of fluids, and they may simply not cope with the processing if there is too much salt. And this will not only disrupt the urinary system, but also increase the risk of dehydration, because the body will attract its own moisture reserves to perform the functions of excretion.


The main signs of poisoning with sea water:

If you do not start to act in a timely manner, there may be pain and cramps in the stomach, diarrhea, general weakness and deterioration of health. A child with repeated vomiting and severe diarrhea will develop dehydration, which can be recognized by dryness of the skin and mucous membranes, white plaque on the tongue, the confluence of the eyeballs and fontanelle (in children younger than half a year), lack of urination or dark urine.

In an adult, the symptoms may be mild and self-reported on the same day.Children suffer from poisoning harder, so the manifestations are able to persist for two or three days and strongly affect their health.

Important! If vomiting and diarrhea do not stop, other symptoms join, and your body temperature starts to rise rapidly, most likely you are experiencing an intestinal infection. You should immediately consult a doctor.

How to help with poisoning?

What if there is a sea water poisoning? First aid involves washing the stomach, which will release it from the contents. You should drink 1-1.5 liters of warm water and induce vomiting by pressing a finger on the root of the tongue. You can add a little potassium permanganate or baking soda to achieve additional antiseptic effects.

Usually the measures described above are sufficient, but if there is a lot of water in the stomach, or a person has chronic diseases of the digestive system, then treatment may be required, including several areas:

  1. Removal of excess salt and toxic substances that could be in the water. Adsorbents are used, which quickly attract and absorb all the excess and provide a natural excretion.For drugs that have adsorbing properties include activated carbon, Polysorb, Smekta, Enterosgel, Poliphepan. These funds are taken within two to three days, depending on the condition and severity of the poisoning.
  2. It is important to replenish fluid reserves, using ordinary clean water, dried fruit compotes, herbal teas (for example, with chamomile, which has anti-inflammatory effects).
  3. When vomiting and diarrhea, it is necessary to restore the water-salt balance in order to avoid dehydration. To this end, salt solutions are used, for example, Oralit, Regidron, and Hydrovit. Small children should be sealed off gently and in small portions so as not to provoke a vomiting attack. Give the baby a teaspoon every 3-5 minutes.
  4. With diarrhea, antidiarrhoeic drugs, for example, Smecta, Imodium, and Lopeiumum, will help.
  5. If vomiting does not stop, on the advice of a doctor, you can take an anti-emetic, such as "Motilium", "Cerucal".
  6. Should follow the principles of gentle nutrition. Exclude from the diet any products that irritate the mucous membranes of the stomach walls.These include fresh berries, vegetables and fruits, dairy products. You can eat dairy products, porridge in water, boiled or steamed vegetables (preferably ground), weak meat or vegetable broths. On the first day, it's better to drink.

When poisoning with sea water it is important to provide timely assistance. But if the measures were unsuccessful, and the condition worsens, you should consult a doctor. It remains to wish you health and a pleasant holiday at sea.

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