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What to do if you can not talk to your mother on an intimate topic?

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Ann dunn
Ann dunn
Answered on August 24, 2015 23:35
Watching why you can not. If you are simply afraid that your mother will not understand you, then you should overcome this fear. No friend will help you like your mother. Take courage and just tell her: "Mom, you are my closest friend. Can I talk to you with something very personal?" You'll see, mom will not be able to refuse you, and even wondered if before you did not have such sincerity. Similar topics between mother and daughter are very much brought together and make it clear that mother is in fact the closest person. In the end, who does not risk, he does not drink champagne!))
Try it, it is well advised. And if this is not possible at all, refer to someone you can trust: an older sister, another adult relative, a good teacher.

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