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What to do in Rotterdam?

Those who go to Rotterdam in search of ancient architecture and interesting memorial sites, preserved from ancient times, unfortunately, will be disappointed. The city center consists of modern skyscrapers and buildings, and there are practically no historical places here.

The reason for this is the Second World War. Before her, Rotterdam was a real treasure for tourists, and carefully preserved all historical sites, many of which were more than 300 years old. But Hitler's plans were to conquer Holland in one day, and when his plan began to crumble, the Fuhrer ordered to bomb the city.

The destruction was so enormous that it could not be restored. Therefore, at the place of destruction, “new” architectural structures “grew up,” successfully adjacent to the present day with preserved old buildings.

New life of the old city

The history of Rotterdam dates back 12 centuries, millions of tourists flock to one of the largest cities in the Netherlands to relax and see many interesting places.By the way, several modern buildings, despite their young age, are UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Besides the fact that Rotterdam can be called a true European city, it is also one of the largest ports in the world. Locals all their lives fall asleep and wake up to the sounds of the port beeps.

What are the attractions worth visiting here?

  1. Old Harbor. One of the few places that reminds of the history of the city. The harbor was the only one of all the buildings that survived the bombing. Here you can walk along the old streets and admire the houses of the 17th century. But this place closely coexists with modern shopping centers and restaurants.
  2. The White house. Many people think that the Dutch decided to use the idea of ​​the Americans and build a similar government building. But in fact, the White House has nothing to do with this. This is the first skyscraper in Europe, which was built in the middle of the 19th century.
  3. Erasmus bridge. It is familiar to all tourists and is a kind of visiting card of the city. Its length is 802 meters. The technical design of the bridge is unique, it consists of two parts - suspended and adjustable, so that the ships have the opportunity to freely enter the port.But the most famous part of it is the pylon, rising to 139 m and symbolizing the restoration of Rotterdam after destruction.
  4. Euromast This is the best observation deck in the city, offering stunning views. You will be able to ride in a transparent elevator booth that will lift you to the top and turn 360 degrees so that you can see all the beauty that is opening.
  5. Cubic houses. This is one of the brightest attractions. A whole street of unusual buildings-houses raised above the ground and rotated 45 degrees. They rise above the usual one-story houses and look very interesting.
  6. The churches of St. Lawrence and the Church of the Pilgrim Fathers. In addition to the religious nature, the church is also interesting for its architecture. The first is made in the Gothic style, it was built in the 15th century. and famous all over the world for its body. And the church of pilgrim fathers is known for its involvement in the history of the colonization of America.

In addition to the main attractions, tourists can see many more fascinating places - animals in a large zoo, unique types of trees and plants in the botanical garden and arboretum, or just walk in the cozy parks.

Where to stay?

The flow of tourists who want to see the city is huge, so housing should be taken care of in advance. Fortunately, in Rotterdam, this is no problem. There is a room for both a wealthy tourist in a hotel of the highest category, for which you will need to pay at least € 125, and in hotels of category 2 *, worth € 55. And for those who want not only to see cubic houses, but also to live in them, A room in a shared room will cost € 20.

What to eat?

Rotterdam people are very fond of all kinds of sandwiches, hamburgers and sandwiches, so in every small cafe you can always find something to eat. There is a large number of stalls on the streets, where you can try fast food: kibbeling - deep-fried pieces of fish with sauce and the famous mouth dog - hot dog wrapped in bacon.

For a full lunch and dinner, you can always find cafes and restaurants with different price categories.

Rotterdam is a vivid example of the city of the future. It is clean, beautiful and interesting. Developed infrastructure and active cultural life make the city attractive not only for traveling, but also for living.

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