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What to do to not get pregnant?

Unwanted pregnancy is a problem faced not only by young and inexperienced girls, but also by many women. The reasons why a woman does not want to have children can be very different, it is both strict parents, difficult financial situation, and small children, each has its own difficulties. Sometimes pregnancy comes from casual sexual intercourse, from sex in a fit of passion, or as a result of violence. In any case, every girl should know what to do in order not to get pregnant.

Sex education in our country, frankly, rather weak. In schools, they are just beginning to introduce the topic of sex in the classroom in order to explain to children at an affordable level the danger of having sex at an early age. Parents do not always find the moral strength to talk with the child on this topic, because as they grow up, many have to learn from their mistakes.

It is good if the sexual partner is experienced enough, and he can take care that his sperm does not enter the female body.However, the girl herself should know what to do in order not to get pregnant, because without special protection the risk is still quite high.

Choose a contraceptive method

For a start, a woman should go to the gynecologist, and go to the doctor not only on a case-by-case basis, but every six months. This is the only way to prevent the development of various female diseases, and to choose the right contraception. It’s best not to choose hormonal drugs, because for proper prescription, a doctor’s consultation is a must. It is important to take into account the individual hormonal background, the general state of the reproductive system and the characteristics of sexual life. There are cases when contraceptives are not needed at all, this may be due to the structural features of the reproductive system. It happens that the uterus is not in a typical position, then difficulties will appear when it comes time to have children. If desired, the gynecologist can insert a special spiral into the vagina, its duration is sufficiently long, it highlights a special composition that contributes to the death of active sperm. Of course, in addition to this, there are always simpler, traditional methods of contraception that do not require any medical advice or special indications - these are condoms.According to statistics, they most reliably protect both from unwanted pregnancy and from various sexually transmitted diseases.

How to avoid pregnancy from unprotected sexual intercourse

If sex happened spontaneously, and there was no possibility to prepare in advance, then what to do so as not to get pregnant? You can use such tablets as Postinor, or Ginepriston, they have quite a strong effect, they can be used no more than once every six months, and only in special cases, for a great need. You can also make douching with an acidic solution; an ordinary lemon is perfect for this, the spermatozoa die from such a solution. You can have sex in the water, so the chances of getting pregnant are practically reduced to zero, water contacting with sperm makes it not viable.

Every girl should be aware of another method that allows her not to get pregnant. Unprotected sex should be practiced on certain days, namely, 5 days before, and, accordingly, 5 days after menstruation. At this time, the female reproductive system is not ready for conception, such sex is almost safe.The use of various aids during sexual intercourse, for example, lubricants, also reduces the chances of sperm for active life.

Of all the diversity, each woman must choose her own method, which allows her to feel comfortable and plan her life at her own discretion.


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