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How to feed a child 2 years old?

Your baby has grown up, he was 2 years old. The time has come to change and enrich its diet. Let us figure out how to feed a child 2 years old, so that his diet maximally contributes to the physiological development of the body.

Child's diet


Porridge - the main meal. It is better to cook it viscous, for this, when cooking, pour liquids 3 times more than cereals. You can eat porridge 2 times a day, 200 grams per serving.


Meat dishes: steam patties, meatballs, boiled meat. From the age of 2, the child's stomach is already coping well with animal protein. The daily rate of meat per day should be at least 90 g

A fish

It can be stewed and boiled. It is better to take low-grade varieties or fillets. The daily rate of fish is only 30 g. It is better to give the child 2-3 times a week. The total amount should be a weekly rate, that is, 210 g.


Continue to give the kid raw cottage cheese. The amount of milk can be reduced to 400 g. You also need to drink 200 g of kefir. Begin to give the child boiled eggs, but in small quantities - half a day.Do not forget about butter, give it 17 g per day.


They still remain the main source of minerals needed by the body. You can start cooking salads, rubbing vegetables with a grater and filling them with sour cream. In a small amount you can start adding celery leaves, dill, parsley, lettuce. The volume of vegetables consumed per day should be 250 g. It is better to use seasonal vegetables. If it's winter in the yard, include sauerkraut and canned cucumbers with tomatoes in the diet, most importantly, in small quantities.


If the child is hungry, but the feeding time has not come yet, give the baby a piece of fruit. Do not worry, it will not spoil your appetite, but will only create short-term satiety. Fruits can be eaten in any assortment, the main thing is to control their quantity - about 150 g per day.

Soups and borscht

Prepare them for the child separately, without applying spices, spices, tomato paste, bay leaf and pepper. Boil them, too, have longer, so that the vegetables are soft. You can make these dishes in meat broth. Soups should be given to the baby infrequently, 2-3 times a week, and borsch can be almost daily food, as it contains a large amount of healthy vegetables.


Add 2 years old bread (black or white) and unsweetened cookies to the diet of children.A baby must consume up to 100 g of bread per day. From products from short pastry, muffin and pies should still be abandoned.


As a dessert, you can make such sweets as marshmallows, candy, marmalade, marshmallow, jam. The main thing is to do it in moderation, namely, 20 g per day.


It is introduced into the diet to stimulate digestion and blood circulation. In addition, it is rich in easily digestible proteins. Liver can be stewed with vegetables.

It is worth refusing:

  • seasonings, spices and dressings;
  • chocolate (it will excessively excite the nervous system and, possibly, cause an allergic reaction);
  • fried foods;
  • canned food;
  • baking;
  • spicy food.

Remember that the nutrition of children 2 years of age should be balanced, healthy and nutritious. Control the diet of the child, and this will save you from many problems with digestion and the health of the baby.


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