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What to give a doctor?

February 4, 2015
What to give a doctor?

Of course, a doctor is one of the most difficult and respected professions in the world. That is why commemorative gifts are received not only by employees of public institutions, but also by specialists of paid private firms.

In this article we will consider what you can donate to a doctor.

Gift Ideas for Doctors

What to give a woman

As you know, all women love flowers. Be original and present a beautiful houseplant or mini tree. The plant will be able to decorate not only the office of a specialist, but also the home environment.

You can also give your doctor an unusual accessory, such as a table fountain or a miniature fireplace.

Very pleasant and useful things are for the office. Give a stylish wall or desk clock, an unusual lamp, a picture, a stand for business cards or a gift set of stationery. Surely, a woman will not mind getting a gift for a flower vase, which periodically appears in her office.

If you want to make a gift that would reflect the profession of the hero of the occasion, then you can give a silver spoon with a congratulatory engraving, a collection of books on medical practice, or a USB flash drive in the form of a stethoscope, syringe or pill.

What to give a man

Male doctors are often given alcohol. However, it is worth noting that giving cheap alcohol is not worth it. If you tend to buy alcohol, you will have to spend money on luxury products. You can beat the gift if you make a bottle label with your own hands. Write on the label a comic phrase "What the doctor ordered."

You can search the store "cool stuff" or the Internet unusual souvenirs of medical subjects. For example, the statuette "Doctor", a pen in the form of a thermometer, stickers for records in the form of a plaster or a notebook "Medical card".

For men, presents are always relevant, which are often used in everyday life. For example, a belt, tie, wallet or case for documents or keys. You can pack a thing in its original packaging, for example, a white box with a red cross.

It is not forbidden to add a gift card with congratulatory wishes.


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