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What to give the boy for 13 years?

Olga Kravchenko
Olga Kravchenko
February 5, 2015
What to give the boy for 13 years?

At the age of 13, it is already difficult to call a boy a child, but it is too early to be called a man. This is a transitional age when it is especially difficult for a birthday man to choose a gift. After all, his tastes and preferences may be completely different. What to give the boy 13 years old to really please him?

First of all, you do not need to give gifts not by age. Very often, relatives simply do not notice how quickly their boy has grown, and give not only irrelevant, but even slightly offensive gifts. If in doubt, it is better to give the thing a little "for growth".

If a teenager has serious hobbies, then this is a great luck. Everything is simple. We give the athlete sports equipment or a ticket to the match of your favorite team, a musician - a guitar and accessories to it. And what if the child is not keen on anything special?

Gift Ideas for 13 years

  • Any teenager at this age spends a lot of time at the computer. Look for cool accessories for your computer like a glowing wireless keyboard or a mouse in the form of a comic book hero. And you can make a more practical gift, for example, an external hard drive.
  • An unusual kind of player and headphones in the kit also like the hero of the occasion. Original flash drives, lanterns, watches belong to the same category of gifts.
  • Tablet or modern smartphone, as well as accessories to them: covers, stands, portable chargers.
  • Game console and a few games with it included. Such a gift will please even the father of the birthday boy, and perhaps they will play it together for a long time.
  • The things that create style. This is a comfortable, bright city backpack, branded sneakers or a T-shirt with the emblem of your favorite group or just with a funny inscription.
  • Thirteen-year-olds already have pocket money. But the purse for carrying them may not be. Give a purse - it is very flattering birthday.
  • Table football or hockey - an indispensable thing for fun meetings with friends.
  • For this age there is a huge amount of interesting board games, both verbal and strategic, and simply adventure games: for example, Alias, Monopoly, Twister.
  • Kits for experiences. There are very different and will be interesting to the whole family. These are sets of a young chemist or physicist, a set of radio engineering and a zoologist, and many others.You can grow a crystal in the bank, and you can make your ant farm.
  • Microscope. It is as unusual as an interesting gift. And in addition to it, you can immediately present a collection of substances that can be studied under a microscope.
  • You can give a gift-event: going to the cinema, to the family water park, to the skating rink, horse riding, go-karting, visiting billiards, climbing walls or bowling. You can go only family, and you can call friends birthday. Any such event will bring a lot of impressions and will be remembered for a long time.
  • Bike or skateboard.

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