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What to make of cans?

Probably in every house there is a distant shelf on the mezzanine or in the storage room where old things are stored - a teddy bear with a torn off paw, broken skis, a holey soccer ball and other “treasures” that were a pity to throw. You honestly were going to repair them in the coming weekend, well, as a last resort, in a month, and then safely forgot about them for a couple of years. Among this good, if you carefully search, you will also find various jars, glass and tin, clean washed and carefully hidden for what is unknown. Having found those during the regular general cleaning, do not rush to throw them in the trash. With a little effort and turning on the imagination, you can give them a second life. Not sure what to make of cans? We offer you some interesting ideas for transforming old unwanted cans into beautiful and useful things. Go behind the banks and keep reading the article.

What can be made of cans

  1. A kerosene lamp can be made from a glass jar with a screw cap. Fill the jar half with kerosene, soak a thick cotton rope in it for half an hour.Make a small hole in the center of the lid, so that the rope stretched through it holds tightly in it. Pull the small tip of the rope out (its entire main part is immersed in kerosene), tightly tighten the cap. The lamp is ready, it remains only to set fire to the wick.
  2. A large glass jar with a lid is a very useful item for any knitter. The ball is placed in the jar, the end of the thread is put in the hole made in the lid, the lid is screwed up and knitted for fun. The clew will not get dirty, will not roll, the thread will not be confused. It is possible to make similar storages for hanks of laces and ribbons from smaller cans, only the slits in the caps should be made not round, but slit-like.
  3. You can make a small dacha decoration out of an aluminum can. The walls of such cans are quite soft, they are easily cut with ordinary household scissors and bend well. Collect a few brightly colored cans of beer or carbonated drinks, cut off the bottom and the cover at each, cut to length and straighten. Sheets of thick multicolored foil turned out, from which you can cut out flower petals and silhouettes of exotic butterflies using pre-drawn patterns.It remains only to collect flowers from curved petals, to bend the wings of the moths beautifully and to arrange them picturesquely on the summer terrace or wall of the summer house. A beautiful composition, which is not afraid of rain and sun, is ready.
  4. There are some more interesting ideas on how to make tin cans from green peas, pineapple compote and other canned goods. The first of these cans are nicely made pretty flower pots and decorative vases. Paint cans with spray paint in delicate pastel colors - pink, lilac, blue, turquoise, fill them with earth, plant flowers in them and hang them on the wall of the cottage. Banks can be painted in bronze color, put them in ampelous plants and hang them on chains in the summerhouse. Now a few tips on how to make a vase from a can. The jar can be pasted over with wallpaper, beautiful cloth, decorative film, gift wrapping paper, wrapped in sacking and tied with a chintz top with small peas, or decorated with linen and knitted lace. You can print vintage labels and make a set of vintage vases - stands for stationery.Vases made of cans, pasted over with tightly wrapped turns of decorative jute rope or paper twine, look interesting. Banks decorated in the same style, laid on its side, assembled into a pyramid and fastened together will be an excellent organizer for any needlewoman.
  5. Finally, a few words about what to make from beer cans. From them you can cut out the details for all kinds of children's handicrafts - airplanes, mills, spinners, locomotives and ships. They are quite durable, they are easy to mount and bend in the right direction.

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