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What to replace baking powder?

Leonid Veselov
Leonid Veselov
July 27, 2012
What to replace baking powder?

Every good housewife must be hidden for a rainy day, that is, for a red date, of course, the recipe of some absolutely wonderful cake, or cupcake, or something else so fabulously tasty. By the significant day is usually purchased a huge amount of all different. And smoked, and salty, and gutted, and hot, and refreshing. But almost always at the crucial moment it turns out that something has been forgotten. Often it is salt. Or matches. And there is baking powder dough. And the question arises, how to replace the baking powder?

Baking Powder and its Alternative

We must immediately say that the dough is loosened not at the expense of different emulsifiers, stabilizers and other debris, which are often added to the baking powder, and which only increases the cost of the product. It is loosened by the magic bubbles of carbon dioxide, which is released when soda interacts with acid. Therefore, it is soda that is the basis of most baking powder.

Some housewives can rebel against such a simple decision, arguing that soda gives an unpleasant taste. Indeed, this is true, but only if the soda is not completely extinguished. Soda is extinguished (and carbon dioxide is released) during baking with citric acid, vinegar, dairy products or any food-grade acids and their products added to the dough. Even aspirin. Say, if you just want pancakes on kefir, then you don’t need to add anything other than soda. Just a little, do not overdo it.

Baking Powder Recipe

If you are faced with the question of how to replace the baking powder, recall the old recipe of our ancestors, who prepared the baking powder themselves and called it baking powder. This recipe is simple.

Five parts of soda and three parts of citric acid are taken into twelve parts of flour or starch. We take a dry spoon, put it in a dry container with a lid and shake it thoroughly to mix it. Baking powder is ready. Flour and starch are put to absorb moisture during storage, so that the reaction does not occur ahead of time. With flour, this composition is mixed in a dry form.1 - 2 teaspoons on the cake should be enough.

Some leavening agents are made on the basis of ammonium carbonate, and many praise them very much. However, this substance is not sold separately, and the housewife hardly has a chemical laboratory at home, so this option will not work in this case.

Baker's yeast is also baking powder. During fermentation, they release the same bubbles of carbon dioxide, but this is a completely different technology.

So we considered the question of what can be replaced baking powder. Bon Appetit.


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