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What to shove in the vagina?

Kristina Firsova
Kristina Firsova
February 25, 2013

In the modern world, sex has become an everyday thing that everyone talks about and, of course, that many do. But not always women, for example, to whom this article will be addressed, can find a partner for themselves.

Due to the lack of constant sexual intercourse or partner, women often have to resort to using some non-standard methods of self-satisfaction. But when it comes to self-satisfaction, the question arises of what to insert into the vagina, so that later there are no complications and that there is nothing to harm. We will answer it.

Now there is already a sea of ​​ways and a huge number of devices, with the help of which women can satisfy themselves and not worry about the fact that there is no male partner nearby.

But what to shove in the vagina? And how to achieve the desired result without spending a lot of time and effort on it? Now the balls have become more popular. Yes, yes, it is the balls, and if you say exactly, they are called Benoit balls.This is one of the developments belonging to the Japanese. The point is that these two balls are in turn inserted into the vagina. In one of them are microparticles of mercury, which from a variety of vibrations start to move, thereby creating friction between two balls. Ultimately, you will come to the desired result. The sizes and color are selected according to your personal desire, but in the standard they are created in the size approximately from an apricot.

But this is not all that you can shove in the vagina. You can also use fairly standard devices, for example, ordinary vibrators. Now there is a huge selection of vibrators. The sizes vary from the smallest, to, I am not afraid to say, huge sizes, but here again, a choice is made, based on personal wishes. However, do not forget about the size of your intimate hole.

Another option is your own fingers, they can also bring themselves to orgasm. However, this method will not work for you if you have long nails, as in the process of masturbation you can damage the delicate skin of the vagina with your nails. As for the materials at hand, I would like to warn you.Firstly, they may not be particularly pleasant to the touch, secondly, they are not intended for this, which means that there is a chance to bring undesirable bacteria inside and so on. If you are not afraid of all this, you can try to use objects of phallic form: cans from under the deodorant, bananas, cucumbers and so on. Just remember to wash them well before use!

But in conclusion I would like to say that the best sex is sex with a living partner, with whom you will get really powerful emotions. Choose sex with a man, not with "toys" and robots, because nothing brings more pleasure than sex with a loved one.

Here you can enjoy yourself in such safe ways.


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