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What to wear with a short skirt?

Oksana Logunova
Oksana Logunova
March 13, 2013
What to wear with a short skirt?

There are things in the wardrobe of any woman and girl who are the basis of all the basics. These include a miniskirt, it never goes out of fashion. Miniskirts today are so relevant that it is difficult to do without them. But for any skirt it is important to choose the right pair. We will dwell on how to wear a short skirt.

How to wear a mini-skirt: options

This skirt is perhaps the most powerful weapon of the representatives of the weaker sex. It is available in the wardrobe of any girl, because the barely covering the hips a strip of fabric looks very impressive and seductive. Of course, not every woman can afford to wear this. Therefore, it is very important to know what will be the right way to wear such a model. You need to pick a pair with which you can wear short miniskirts.

For such a length of skirts you need to pick up a rather closed top. If you choose a blouse with a deep neckline, you can turn from a real lady into a woman of easy virtue.It would be right to choose almost closed blouses and tops, turtlenecks at the waist, loose shirts, tops in casual style to the short skirt. Shoes for this outfit is better to pick up with heels or on the platform. Well complement the image of the jacket with the original finish.

What to wear with denim miniskirts

This skirt is a favorite dress for many female students and schoolgirls, it is a symbol of enthusiasm and eternal youth. Flared short skirt will look good with a simple jumper in a pigtail, checkered cowboy shirt or turtleneck. This should be tight tights, shoes - fashionable suede ankle boots. Denim skirts, short and tight asking for original tights with a pattern. Shoes - high boots with heels. The top can be in the form of a translucent blouse, which will complete the seductive and playful image.

What to wear with a white short skirt

An exceptional piece of clothing is a white short skirt. It is perfect for young girls, advantageously shading their slim figure and delicate facial features.

  • The short denim skirt can be worn even in the cooler seasons. Tights for her need to pick up light. But the top should be dark.This may be a dark jumper with a large gate, and maybe a short jacket.
  • If you wear a light top with a white skirt, the image can be blurry. It is better to wear a black shirt, skin-tight top or a dark-fitting fitted shirt.
  • Shoes should be white too, the image will be more natural and harmonious.
  • In summer, on a hot evening with a white skirt, you can wear a golden top with thin straps and golden woven sandals.

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