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What to wear with a white coat

What is it - fashionable white coat?

Today there are several basic fashion silhouettes. The leading products of the classic cut, equipped with "epaulets", patch pockets and a number of buttons in a contrasting color. The second option is a concise fitted product with a turn-down collar and a wide / narrow belt. White color makes such coats unusual and very spectacular.

Another option for a stylish white coat is a straight cut with two rows of buttons. By the bottom of this style may be a bit narrowed. The optimal length - just above the knees.

Flared white coats look spectacular and romantic. These products are distinguished by a collar-resistant and slightly below the knees. This coat is very elegant, it will emphasize your sophistication and femininity.

What to wear white coat

White color is very versatile and looks great in a variety of combinations. By adding one or two other shades, you will create a rich and attractive image. However, leave the main role to outerwear.

You get a graphic image if you complement the white coat with a black set. For example, pants, shirt and boots. As an option, tight black tights / leggings, ankle boots, skirt, turtleneck will do. Pay attention: from under the collar the coat should peek out. This will balance the image, making it whole.

White coat will look great in a company with classic suits. Ideal colors: gray, beige, brown. A red suit in combination with a white coat will make the image too bright. If you want more color, it is better to use orange.

A white coat with a wide silhouette will give you the perfect combination with tight pants and jeans. Wear a pullover or a sweater with a throat as the top (preferably with a white color). It is better not to fasten a coat, but to raise the sleeves to the elbow. Shoes choose, depending on the case. Uggs and spectacular boots without heels will do.

Coat classic silhouette can be combined with the trousers / skirts office style, and with romantic dresses. For example, wear a chiffon outfit with ruffles, complementing it with tight tights to match.Throw a coat on top, use a large-knit scarf for warming.


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