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What vaccinations do kittens?

By purchasing a small, fluffy pet, we guess that we will have to care for him, feed him properly and monitor his health. But most of us do not even think about what vaccinations do kittens, and whether they do at all. Any veterinarian will tell you that the vaccination of an animal is necessary, even if the pussy does not go outside. After all, unbeknownst to yourself, you can bring an infection into the house on the sole of your shoes or clothes. Therefore, vaccination of cats is necessary, especially for kittens. It’s no secret that babies are more susceptible to various diseases, their immunity is still weak.

When to vaccinate a kitten?

Usually, the first vaccination of kittens do 9-12 weeks from birth. But if the fluffy was with the mother for a long time (if she was vaccinated), then the vaccination can be carried out even in three months. This is due to the fact that from it he receives the initial immunity, which after vaccination comes into opposition with the vaccine, which makes it ineffective.After 4 weeks, a second vaccination is done with the same drug. And the third vaccination is done per year. Further vaccination is carried out every year. The vaccination scheme for kittens is chosen individually in each case. Selection of vaccines and doses should be entrusted to a doctor.

But before you ask, how many kittens are vaccinated, it would be useful to know if there are any rules for preparing a pet for vaccination. They are simple enough, but they should be observed:

  1. Vaccinations are made only healthy animals.
  2. Ten days before vaccination should be given a kitten anthelmintic drugs, since the presence of these parasites in the body of a pet can lead to ineffective vaccination.
  3. Experts recommend vaccinating animals at home. This is due to the fact that after vaccination the animal's body is weakened, and sick animals are usually brought to the veterinary clinics, and your pet may catch an unnecessary sore.

Vaccinations for kittens

What vaccinations do kittens need?

Cats are most susceptible to the following diseases:

  • Panleukopenia - decrease in leukocytes in the blood of an animal. This disease is very often fatal.
  • Calcivirosis - lesion of the respiratory tract, viral disease.
  • Rhinotracheitis - damage to the eyes and upper respiratory tract.
  • Rabies - the defeat of the nervous system.

For vaccination, the most frequently used complex drugs, such as "Nobivak Triket" (Netherlands), "Multifel" (Russia), "Fellovaks" (USA), "Quadriket" and "Nobivax Rabiez" for rabies. It is not recommended to use the vaccine of domestic production "Robilen". It can be offered for free, but there have already been cases of death after this vaccination, so it is better to be safe.

We carefully monitor our animals after vaccination. Of course, it all depends on the selected drug and the condition of the animal. Some kittens are well tolerated by any drugs, their behavior does not change, and some may become lethargic, refuse food and sleep almost all the time.

Whether to make a kitten vaccinations or not, everyone chooses himself. But if we want to really take care and protect our pet, then this question is unlikely to arise, the answer is so clear.


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