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When do the first teeth appear?

Experienced parents know how many problems are associated with the appearance of the first teeth of the baby, and many moms and dads start to worry if the baby is more than 6 months old, and not a single tooth has ever been cut. Do not worry and worry about nothing - the time when the first teeth appear, the children are different. This is influenced by many factors, ranging from genetic predisposition, calcium-phosphorus metabolism to the individual characteristics of your baby’s body.

The teething chart, which is popular among young parents, has very generalized data, which often are not often confirmed in practice. It is worth starting to worry only if by the age of one year your child has not acquired a single tooth. Then you should contact your local pediatrician for advice. In other cases, all your worries about the absence or late teething are unreasonable.

When milk teeth erupt

Children still have a shaped set of twenty milk teeth at birth.They are simply in the gums and are waiting for the "command" from the body to go out at a certain moment. As a rule, from the age of six months the teeth begin to erupt in pairs, first from the bottom, and then from the top. Most often, girls' teeth may begin to erupt earlier than boys.

Symptoms of teething milk teeth

You may notice the beginning of teething from the child’s behavior: saliva starts to flow out abundantly, a strong, causeless, at first glance, cough, accompanied by diarrhea and fever, may appear. Do not be upset if your baby’s first teeth are not the ones indicated in the chart. It does not matter which teeth appear first, this process is different for everyone, and it’s not too close to the heart to take all scientific works and schedules, even the rules have exceptions, and the features of the development of the organism are a very individual concept.

Young parents are often apprehensive about the beginning of the appearance of the first teeth in a child. Prepare for this seriously, especially when there are no advisers nearby who already have experience in caring for babies. What time do the first teeth appear and how do you know the teething symptoms? You can learn about this from your patronage sister and pediatrician.You can also resort to the services of information medical reference books, find information on numerous websites on the Internet, where there are tips from specialists and young parents who have already experienced the first teeth eruption in babies.

If the teeth go out unevenly

Most babies have all baby teeth by the age of two. After half a year, four teeth can erupt at once, simultaneously. The teeth can be cut all at once with small pauses or gradually, with a periodicity of several months. You should not panic much if the baby teeth grow not directly, but under a slope and between them there are visible cracks. Over time, they will take the desired position, and this usually does not affect the state and growth of permanent teeth.

It is impossible to influence the process of the appearance of teeth in a child, but it is desirable to be well prepared for this stage in order to help the crumbs in time in this difficult period.


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