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When to collect wild rose?

Evgenia Zimnyakova
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When to collect wild rose?

The end of winter, spring is the season when our immunity requires additional support, so to speak recharging. Rose hips can be very useful in this case. We all know these bright berries since childhood. At someone it grows right on the garden plot, ennobling its appearance and giving its owners useful fruits. Someone saw him only in the forest. But few people think, when to collect wild rose, so that all useful properties are in the fruit in the maximum content.

This is truly a unique fruit, according to the content of vitamin C in it. It looks like small berries, but in fact - a storehouse of nutrients for our immunity. But, unfortunately, fresh berries can be stored for a very short time - a few days. The most popular way to prepare it for storage is drying. But for this method of storage, it is better to pick berries that are dense in structure, having a bright orange color, but at the same time fully ripe. These fruits contain the maximum amount of nutrients. Depending on the variety of wild rose, the collection period lasts from the end of August to the end of September.


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