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When to plant asters?

Asters are very beautiful flowers that delight the eye. They are very different: white, purple, light pink, burgundy, red and even blue. These flowers are very simple and unpretentious, so their breeding does not require much hassle. Each housewife can figure out when to plant asters. But in this article I want to talk about effective and practical methods that will help the novice gardener.

Seedling preparation

If you decide to start seedlings, then sowing the seeds is necessary in the spring, when the snow has come down and the earth is warm enough. Many gardeners argue that asters should be sown at a time when tomato seeds are sown. To get a lot of seedlings, it is enough to sow a few rows of asters in the greenhouse.

If this method of planting is not suitable for any reason, you can sow the seeds directly into the ground. This method is good not only because it is fast enough and does not require much hassle, but also because the grown plants can bloom as much as two times in a row. It turns out that asters begin to bloom at the very end of summer - this is an earlier flowering, and then one more time - in the autumn - this is the second flowering.

Planting seedlings

But when to plant asters to get a good harvest by early September? If, for example, you decide to plant flowers in your greenhouse or on a window sill, then you can begin planting in the middle of March (approximately March 15 - 20). If you do this process a few days earlier, the first time the flowers will bloom in the middle of August. The seedlings can rise very quickly if the temperature of the air at night is not lower than 12 degrees, and in the daytime - not lower than 16.

To sell seedlings need to grow a little earlier than usual. To make your work effective, you need to create a greenhouse or a tunnel of film. If you sow asters in open ground, then do it, you need to postpone. But it is also worth noting that the earth was ready for the seeds, it should not stick together in clumps from a high moisture content.

Of course, the method of growing seedlings in greenhouses can seem like a very laborious process. But it is safe to say that this method is more reliable than sowing seeds directly in open ground. Since the second solution may lead to the fact that the seeds of asters simply do not ascend.

Aster bloom

If we talk about time, the period of flowering of asters may vary depending on the plant variety.For example, some plants begin to bloom within a month after sowing, and for others, it takes 130 days to pass. Therefore, how and when to plant asters, you must decide for yourself. You only need to adhere to the general recommendations that are described in our article, as well as the instructions for the variety you choose, applied to the seed package.

Asters are unique flowers that are ready to overcome even frosts. Their seeds are very resistant, so you can not even be afraid if the plants you sowed suddenly cover the snow, and a crust of ice appears on the soil. But the seeds will be able to ascend only when it is warm.


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