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Where is better to fish?

Vera Shiryaeva
Vera Shiryaeva
November 4, 2014
Where is better to fish?

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Where is better to fish?

All fishermen are interested in the question, where it is better to fish? If all lovers to sit with a fishing rod knew the exact answer, then fishing would no longer be interesting. After all, the excitement lies in the fact that it is necessary not just to cut the fish, but to catch it. And although there is no answer, there are still some tricks that help experienced anglers find the most sensible places.


  • All fish, without exception, do not like to be in the water that has blossomed. So look for places where this fatal factor is the least.
  • If you want to catch, for example, a pike or a pike perch (predatory fish), then pay attention to the small fish, because it is the food of predators.
  • Predators usually not only hunt, but also rest. And for them, resting places are pits, thickets, stones and other covers. And there you can try your luck.
  • Popular fish, such as pike, pike perch and crucian carp, live in almost all water bodies: rivers, lakes, ponds.
  • Carp can also be caught in rivers.But most often it is bred in ponds. Stagnant water is the optimum habitat for this fish.
  • The same can be said about bream. Many consider it a fish for the pond, but experienced fishermen know that it is beautifully caught on the rivers.

All of the above types do not like fast currents, so you will not find them in mountain rivers. But here are found other species that are no worse. For example, trout, grayling, lenok, minnow, char and others.


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